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As a family-oriented daycare, we’re dedicated to providing your child with the quality care they need. While you’re at work, you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands. Reach out to us for more information!

Infant room

Our infant room provides the best care for your child and assists them in reaching each developmental milestone. To provide the best care for your child, our Infant room has one teacher for every four infants. The infant room is for children aged six weeks to 18 months. The teachers focus on reading them stories, singing and playing with them, and assisting them in learning to sit up, roll over, crawl, and walk. They also enjoy art projects and playtime. Work on communication skills such as talking and signing. Our teachers also work with feedings, which include holding children while feeding them a bottle, practicing holding their own bottle, and transitioning to baby food and solids.

Toddler room

Our Toddler room has one teacher for every six children aged 18 months to three years. We help kids learn about numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, as well as cognitive, emotional, and social skills through play. Storytime is an activity. Bright Minds Learning Center offers music and movement, as well as art projects and centers.

Preschool Room

Our 3-year-old program has a ratio of one teacher to ten children, and our 4-5-year-old program has a ratio of one teacher to twelve students. We split the children during the day to give them more one-on-one time with the teacher.

Each group has a curriculum at their level, arts and crafts, and fun experiments. Each week we have a different theme, color, letter, number, and activities that are updated in our newsletter every month. Our goal for each child is to ensure that they are ready for kindergarten when they enter.

School-age program

Our school-age program is for Kindergarteners who have turned 13. We assist with transportation to various school districts, and our teachers assist students with homework, whether it is an e-learning day or homework after school. We have activities for school-age children before and after school, as well as days off.

Summer Program

This program is designed to keep them active and outside. We take schoolchildren on field trips and also have fun activities at the center.


Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are all available at Bright Minds Learning Center. Black and White Catering provides us with all of our meals! We offer USDA-approved kid-friendly food that your child(ren) will enjoy. Additionally, we provide fresh fruits and vegetables in a variety of flavors!

Health & Safety

  • Frequent handwashing for staff and children
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the day
  • Random temperature checks during Covid waves in the Metro
  • Frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of toys, doors knobs, and tabletops.
  • Continuous health & safety training for all staff
  • We comply with all CDC guidelines
  • Secure entry and alarms at all emergency exits
  • Services Offered

    • Infant Care
    • Toddler Care
    • Preschool
    • School Age
    • Summer Program
    • Part-time

    *Rates available upon request.
    Contact us with any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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